Red Alert for Small Business

“Finally.. an IT Company That Works With Your Business On A 24/7 Schedule to Provide Both Immediate Response Times and Maximum Uptime!”

We have four simple goals when it comes to building strong relationships with your business: rapidly helping with unexpected issues through immediate availability, strive to prevent problems through high-quality work, strengthen your knowledge of your computers by training you and your staff, and helping you achieve success by being your personal aid.

Let’s face it: computers are complex instruments that can either allow your business to succeed or cause you and your staff an endless amount of unnecessary frustration.

Connections are lost, printers stop printing, Internet’s down, your computer gets a virus, your employees are spending time doing things non-productive, the wireless network suddenly disappears and you can’t connect, your computers suddenly stop working…and it all seems to happen at the most inopportune time.

Just like that, what seemed like a normal work day has come to a screeching halt.

As the clock ticks, your frustration and anxiety builds.  Before long, your clients are starting to feel this as well.  You know that time lost is money lost in today’s business and economy, and you just can’t reach anyone for help.  Or if you do, that person can’t make it for an X amount of time, which forces you to start speculating… “how much is this REALLY going to cost?”

But more importantly, and have you ever wondered, “How did they let this happen in the first place?  Wasn’t this a foreseeable problem?”

And that’s where we come in.

We know how important it is to have qualified, experienced technicians on call around the clock, available and at your disposal as soon as needed.

But we take it a step further, as we’re not just the people who respond immediately when you’re in trouble.  No, to us that’s already too late.  Rather, and with the same level of tenacity, our priorities are to prevent your IT problems BEFORE they happen.

That’s right.  Through consideration to both your short-term and long-term business goals, we:

  1. Produce 24/7 availability by designing, implementing and constantly planning and updating your information systems with this preventative goal in mind.
  2. Ensure that you’re fully aware of all the information technology decisions and considerations we make through real-world, down-to-earth training and Q&A sessions.
  3. Engage your staff with this same training to allow them to become fully productive and avoiding the most common mistakes end-users make.
  4. Notify you of and manage all future upgrades and replacement strategies, and why they’re important.
  5. Base our decision making on attention to the long-term reliability, performance, scalability, and the ROI of your information systems.

So, how do we do this and make it cost-effective?  Simple.  Most other information technology providers simply charge and bill by the hour, maybe warranty their work, and maybe call you to check to make sure your systems are still working after they leave (or, in rare cases, warranty ends).

This is called the break-fix service model, and it isn’t optimal primarily because the technician rarely, if ever, treats your business as an associate.  It’s more like the relationship of someone simply visiting your business like an ATM.  They pick up the check and leave, and:

  1. You’re at the mercy of their hourly rate.  Something you thought would be affordable has suddenly gone off scope, taken a lot longer than you thought, and now you’re hit with a huge bill that’s never a pleasant surprise.
  2. OR, (and worse yet), you agreed to a flat-rate, but the specifications weren’t correct.  The break-fix technician now has to either choose between doing a halfway-decent job or, again, broadening the scope and charging you a lot more.
  3. The break-fix doesn’t necessarily have your best interest in mind.  Does the technician have every incentive to do an amazing job, just so you don’t have to call him for a year?  Well, that comes down to personal ethics, NOT something that’s safeguarded by the break-fix.  You never know what you’re getting.

Have you ever had this, or a similar experience with an IT provider?  In the over 10 years we’ve been servicing small businesses like yours, this approach has rarely ever been something that’s been mainly client-oriented.

Instead, we’ve created a program is available that addresses these problems, but more importantly, allows us to engage your business with the care of an associate, someone who has a vested interest in your long-term satisfaction and business success, and present all this with a high, honest work ethic.


The Red Alert Platinum Protection Package

A buffet-style, all-inclusive package to protect your entire office for a flat-rate per machine…and all your monitors, printers, scanners, networking equipment, software, internal hardware, tablets and training is included.

Offering The Red Alert Platinum Protection Package is a much more organic way of approaching a long-term, reliable, and successful information technology business relationship with your company.

It takes the stress out of projects and service requests that go out-of-scope, and really allows us to do our best quality work with your best cost-effective interest in mind.  Suddenly, your best interest is our guaranteed best interest.

PLUS, what better way to maintain a healthy, long-term relationship than by the trust we establish by delivering nothing short of our best work?

Now you might be thinking…how could we offer you such a package?  And what does it cost?

I’ll answer the first question: our undying work ethic and commitment to quality allows us to offer such a package.  That combined with the 10+ years experience we’ve had in information technology, which has consistently told us that clients hate getting surprise invoices that happens all-too-often with the break-fix (which is no way to establish a healthy, long-term relationship with your business).  But what can we do instead?  A “hit-or-miss” effort in hopes of reducing the bill?  Out of the question.  We either do the job correctly or never start it.  And the clients we do our best work for feel the same.

Now, how much does unlimited tech support cost?

We usually charge $120 per computer per month.  So for an office with 10 computers, that would come out to $1,200 per month.

BUT…. we know that times are tough, and we’d really like to bring value to our clients while making their decision-making less stressful.

So if you want a full-time, always-there-as-soon-as-needed technician, essentially a full-time IT staff for a fraction of the price, here’s the offer:

$74.99 per computer per month!

But understand…this discount is ONLY offered for a limited time.  Obviously, as more and more businesses call on us for this great service, we’ll eventually have to raise our prices back to the original offering.  By that time, the only businesses who will be getting our services are those who are serious about the effectiveness of their computers systems (our best clients) AND those who can afford it (ironically, businesses who do care about their systems are almost always the most organized, professional, and have the most productive staff).

So therefore, for a limited time, and only at this price, we offer you:

1. Unlimited, stress-free, and typically immediate care.
2. Superior Quality-Of-Work by Industry-Certified Technicians (let’s face it, on an unlimited package, it’s as much in our interest as it is YOURS).
3. Training for you and your staff to get the best productivity from your information systems.

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