His fast response times, attention to detail, ability to adapt to new situations, and his effective use of communicating requirements and specifications to me in clear and concise ways were always consistently demonstrated in every IT project we undertook.

Joe K, President, JKNetwork Inc.

Oriel proved to be a very valuable asset to our project.  He showed a strong dedication and knowledge towards both the implementation of the computer systems as well as a strong focus on what we, as a business providing medical services, required in our daily operations.

Sonia S, General Manager, Brighton Institute of Physical Therapy Inc.

Oriel showed a great deal of attention to detail and innovation.  His service always came across as customer-oriented and demonstrated great communication skills with me at all times.  He showed a clear passion towards information technology, and I believe this passion added much value to my business.  He also did this with a great deal of patience and attention to care for my business needs.

Ilana W, General Manager, Walder Properties LLC