Custom Computers For Power Users

“Who Else Wants a Professionally-Built, Custom-Tailored-To-You Computer System That Has The Highest In Terms Of Performance, Speed and Reliability?”

The Red Alert For Power Users is all about getting you into Your Die-Hard Dream Machine: something that performs incredibly yet will last the long haul through Cost-Effective Scalability, High-Quality Parts, Aesthetic Merits, and Detailed Engineering.

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet: if your world revolves around computers, the last thing you want to do is put your confidence in a computer built by a mainstream manufacturer.

Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, Acer, Alienware, and Apple (yes, them too) build computers to an expected reliability. In other words, the quality of components they put into their machines is determined by the length of the warranty they offer you.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they do “work” to some reliable degree. But, you should be aware of three things BEFORE rushing out and purchasing them:

  1. They’re not scalable. In other words, rather than being able to easily upgrade them without any worries, these companies instead expect you to periodically purchase a new computer all-together. While a simple upgrade would do just fine in most cases, and get the computer running smoothly like the day you bought it, you realize that it’s impossible to upgrade without replacing other parts, and doing so would now be cost-prohibitive purposefully due to their engineering. But, you have to hand it to them: isn’t this a great marketing strategy they’re using on you?
  2. The components they build their computers with are designed to fail. The components that many manufacturers use are not available to the consumer markets. Instead, they’re mass-produced to again reflect the expected warranties their computers come with. However, buying and building a computer with parts made by outside manufacturers are almost always longer-lasting and better performing. So why don’t the manufacturers use these components instead? Well, again, it doesn’t agree with their marketing strategy: you’re expected to replace your computer every so often to ensure that you’ll be coming back.
  3. You’ll most likely have hassle and unwanted downtime if they do agree to correct a problem with their machine. Computer not working? And it’s covered under their “warranty?” OK, no problem, go to the post office, just ship the whole computer back, incur shipping costs and downtime, and they’ll take care of it while you have no computer to work on.

Anyways, you can probably see where we’re going with this. By buying a manufactured computer, you’re getting no personal service; a computer not designed to work beyond a predetermined amount of time; and if it does fail (and trust us, they do), you’re going to go through an unnecessary hassle to and waste of time to get it working again (or throw it away and conveniently, for them, buy another one).

But how do we know all this information?  The reasons are simple: we’ve been both troubleshooting manufactured computers as well as building customized, high-quality computers for over 10 years, so believe us, we’ve seen it all. Add to that our industry-grade certifications, which has allowed up to expertly assess what’s truly wrong with purchasing manufactured computers and contrast them to our own hand-built, custom-made ones. 

Furthermore, we’re very proud to offer a hassle-free alternative to this mess. Introducing:

Red Alert Custom Computers For Power Users

A Program Designed For Users Who Want The Best Quality Computers And Something That’s Custom-Made Specifically For Your Wants And Needs Both Now…And Long Into The Future.

With this program, we offer something with a lot more “You” in mind with respects to getting you into your dream-machine:

  1. Interview you to find out, exactly, what you’re looking to get out of a custom-made, high quality computer system both immediately and for the future to come. For example, do you need hard drives to never malfunction? Power supplies that never fail?  Drive the chances of sudden data loss to zero with battery backups?
  2. Also find out what you’re specifically looking to achieve, be it work or play, and what potential upgrades you’ll need and when, to ensure long-term durability and performance.
  3. Purchase parts with the best warranty policies and those with the best public track records (I mean, why not let the public do the test driving for you?).
  4. Discuss when various components will need replacement, and plan for those replacements to help ensure uninterrupted continuity.
  5. Avoid wasteful spending on components that don’t hold their weight in terms of cost and rather focus on parts that really count and really deliver (something the computer manufacturers tend to always disregard).
  6. Fully plan an upgrade schedule with regards to when components will typically become more cost-effective for your expected use.
  7. Build your computer with the highest quality components with regards to long-term scalability, performance, future upgradability, as well as aesthetic merits (like proper internal air-flow, component cooling, and effective cable management).
  8. Perform a 24-hour test drive on the computer with our Red Alert Stress Testing software. This ensures that the computer is both optimized for performance as well as ensuring that all your components have been through the proper manufacturing process (and if a component fails during this testing, we’ll replace it for you at no additional charge). If it’s going to fail within the manufacturer’s warranty period, trust us, this test is very likely to let us know.
  9. Load your computer with all the necessary software for hassle-free, just-the-way you want it usability.
  10. Follow-up with you over a one-month course to see if there’s anything else we can customize for your needs and to ensure your satisfaction with the work.

But with all this talk about “manufacturer guarantees” and what not, you might be asking what kind of guarantee WE offer.

A very valid point, and something we’d like to keep very simple as well.

We’re so sure of the quality of our work, that here’s our guarantee with the computer we build you:

All Our Custom-Built, High-Quality Computer Systems Come With The Red Alert Lifetime Guarantee.

If we build you a customized computer, then the quality of our work is guaranteed for life.  In addition, if any component fails during the benchmarking phase, we’ll replace it for you at no additional charge.

Now listen, we take a lot of pride in the work we do, and aim to deliver nothing short of greatness when we build you a computer (or any of our other services for that matter).

But we have to be clear about who The Red Alert Custom Computers For Power Users is for. Here’s a list of clientele who can absolutely make the best use of our service, so please look over this list make sure you’re on it before ordering:

  1. CAD Designers and Engineers
  2. Professional Video Editors
  3. Sound Production Professionals
  4. Game Developers
  5. Graphic Designers
  6. Day Traders
  7. Hardcore Gamers
  8. Businesses Needing Custom Servers
  9. End-Users Who Value High-Quality and Aesthetic Merits

In contrast, this service is NOT for someone who just wants to casually surf the web and check Facebook for maybe a half-hour a day. For that, we do recommend going with a manufactured computer, because even in spite of all the problems you might face, using your computer that lightly may justify the amount of money you’ll spend, and if your computer malfunctions due to a hard drive crashing, then redeeming the manufacturer warranty makes sense when you don’t have any important data on it.

However, if you’re NOT the average end user, and care about having a high-quality, professionally-built computer… then congrats, because you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the options available, please select the category you fall under, and hit “buy now” to get started with building your dream machine!

  1. POWER USER with heavy use (typically those who need rigorous hardware to meet large-scale demands – advanced cooling, multiple hard drives, power supplies, etc):
    $297.00 w/ The Red Alert Lifetime Guarantee

  2. POWER USER with light to medium use (geared towards those who want a computer built with high-quality parts and designed for long-life through upgradability and design, but nothing over-the-top that heavy users would make better use of):
    $147.00 w/ The Red Alert Lifetime Guarantee

Once you’re finished with that, click here to go to our Contact page, give us a call, and we’ll make your dream machine a reality!