Red Alert For Home Users

“Announcing…A Reliable, Responsive, and Trustworthy IT Provider to Make Your Home Computers Problem-Free and Work For You Again!”

We strive to be the providers you and your family can trust with your computers, all the while providing our services at very reasonable rates with our Unbeatable Lifetime Guarantee!

These days, chances are  you have a full computer network in your home.

Computers, monitors, printers, wireless equipment, cellphones, gaming systems, home surveillance, and tablet computers / iPads are just a few of the many devices that virtually every home is using.

Everything seems to be in good working order….until something happens.

Your computer won’t start; your computer catches a virus; nobody can connect to the Internet; printer’s not printing and there’s a deadline due; your computer’s slow and it’s caused you too much frustration; you aren’t sure if your backup is running properly (or you don’t have one set up); your family is doing things on the computer that you should know about; or, you want to buy new computer / digital devices but are unsure of where to start (or what’s a good value).

Have you ever had this frustration with computers? If so, we both know what it’s like, because while many of home users like yourself have faced these issues, we’ve come to your aid and taken the headache out of computers just as frequently.

With over 10 years of experience in effectively helping home computer users such as yourself, we’re intimately familiar with your wants and needs because we’ve seen pretty much every scenario in the home computer world.

We also hold world-class certifications from Microsoft and CompTIA, making us not only knowledgeable about the problems you’re dealing with, but also how to quickly correct these problems, and to ensure that they don’t creep back on you again.

In fact, the core of our business and what sets us apart from others is that we put your best interest first.

As a home user, here’s what we uniquely offer you:

  1. Highly Secured Wireless Networking: Did you know that there are videos on Youtube explaining how to breach improperly secured wireless networks? And there is free software available to help any lay person do that! Don’t be a victim with our Highly Secured Wireless Networking practices.
  2. No More Computer Viruses or Malware: The unique training we provide you and your household in combination with our awesomely effective choice in Anti-Virus Software make worrying about such a thing of the past.
  3. Effective Computer Optimization: If your computer seems “slow” or not what it used to be, we’ll optimize that computer and clean out all the unnecessary data that’s holding you back with our Effective Computer Optimization program.
  4. High-Performance Computer Networking: Don’t think that “wireless or expensive new cabling” is your only option. Did you know that your home already has the capability to be Wireless-ready, no matter where you are in your home? We can easily get all your devices up and running with no slow-downs or interruption and without having to tear down drywall or drilling holes into your walls.
  5. Printer / Device Sharing For All: Don’t want to purchase an individual printer for everyone in your household? Don’t bother. With our unique attention to detail we can share all your devices with everyone in your household.
  6. Advice on Smart Purchasing: Don’t blindly spend on things that aren’t worth the extra money; we’re your sidekicks in spending on what matters and it’s our pleasure to help you make better purchasing decisions for your electronic devices.
  7. Effective Backup Plans: Your pictures, videos, music, documents and all personal data is irreplaceable. Let us ensure that you’ll never accidentally lose these items with our Effective Backup Plans: with our Multi-Layer Backup, you’ll never have to worry about data loss again.
  8. Help Available 24/7: We’re not just someone who forwards your call to an answering machine after hours…we’re there for you around the clock.
  9. Monitor Your Family’s Activities: Is your family really safe on the Internet? At your option, we use our own cutting-edge software to monitor their activities while they’re on their computer, and send you reports in either real-time or an end-of-the-day summary (or both). Rest easy knowing that everyone is safe online.
  10. Unlimited Answers To All Your Questions: We’re here to not only ensure that your computers are running fully functional but also to ensure that you’re making the best use of them and that they serve you the best they can. We feel you have a right to as much education on this topic as you need and are glad to be able to offer this as part of our ongoing relationship with you.
Our aim is to become a trusted provider by empowering you with every-day, real-world knowledge on how to get the best use out of your computers; to become the people you call upon any time you have questions with regards to your electronics and computers through service that’s reliable, responsive, and trustworthy.
But, with all these great features and benefits, what’s the assurance that the work performed will be reliable not just today, but into the future? What do we provide to ensure that what you invest with us will work to the best extent it possibly can?
See, we’re so sure of our quality of service, that we provide you with a guarantee that no other company can come close to:

All Work Rendered Comes With The Red Alert Lifetime Guarantee!

We’re so sure of the quality of our work, that what we provide you is guaranteed today, tomorrow, and for life.

But just so we’re clear, we should first go over who the Home Services are best catered to, and who they’re not-so-catered to.  Here’s a list of characteristics that we’ve found demonstrate our best clients, and who we deliver our absolute best work to:
  1. Parents who want to watch over their children’s use of the Internet.
  2. Work-from-home professionals.
  3. Professionals who work at formal places of business but also fill in some time when at home.
  4. Clients who need the convenience of effective and highly secure wireless Internet coverage throughout their homes.
  5. Clients who routinely use electronic devices when at home.
  6. Those looking to make smarter, educated decisions when purchasing their electronic devices and services.

If this sounds like you, and you want to get started with making your electronics and computers work the way you need them, then look no further.

We accept Paypal for payment services since this also ensures your satisfaction: for one, Paypal almost always sides with the buyers.  In fact, their policies pretty much sides with the buyers in almost all disputes, so you really have nothing to lose with their services, and it gives us every reason to reach your utmost satisfaction….second, their services are very secure.

2 Hours @ $90.00 / Hour (No Discount):

4 Hours @ $75.00 / Hour (16.67% off!)

6 Hours @ $67.50 / Hour (25% off!)

8 Hours @ $60.30 (33% off!)