About Us

Established in 2000, Red Alert Consulting has been providing small businesses with valuable, resilient, and cost-effective IT solutions that accommodates all types of environments and budgets.  The vast amount of experience and expertise in small business solutions makes us a trusted IT provider for a wide variety of different industries.

From medical clinics to law firms to manufacturing facilities, our experience in these fields has given us a very wide breadth of both specific and fundamental knowledge that can be applied to almost any situation.  We are always very happy to meet with new prospects and eager to find out just how we can help you with your needs.

About the Tech

Oriel Shaked is the technical director of Red Alert.  He discovered his earliest passion in life at the age of 8 when he was given a brand-new Tandy PC from Radio Shack (which cost $2,000 at the time and came with almost no hard drive space and the mouse was sold separately).  Since then, his curiosity has been ever sparked by computers and their unlimited capabilities.

He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Professional, CompTIA A+ & Network+ certified; hold a bachelors degree in Management of Information Systems from the California State University, Northridge and has over 12 years in the professional field in computer network administration, designing, and troubleshooting effectively making him the qualified, experienced technician you can trust.




About the Dog

Kippy is a white Coton de Tuléar.  He is a very active dog who loves to play with his owners and their guests.  If you pet and play with him, he will not leave you alone while you’re at the office.  And if you give him food, you won’t be able to leave without having your lower pant leg torn off.  If this happens to you, please notify any Red Alert manager for an accident report form.

Like all Coton de Tuléars, he has a coat of fur that while ultra absorbent to dirt, has similar properties to Teflon: nothing stains it.  So because of that, all Red Alert staff routinely use Kippy to clean their uniforms.  He ends up saving us thousands of dollars a year that would otherwise be wasted on dry cleaning.  Now that’s a man’s best friend.