Options and Programs Test Page

Option 1: Recurring Retainer

A monthly billing plan. Unused hours are rolled over to the next month and are available as long as the subscription is active.

Stays within your budget.
Always have a technician available when needed.
No more worry about “surprise” invoices or charges.
Allows better, more accurate planning towards both your short and long-term IT business needs and goals.
More involvement in your business processes through added services such as employee training and attendance to your business meetings.

Gold Membership – 8 Hours @ $81.00 Per Hour:

Standard Membership – 4 Hours @ $90.00 Per Hour:

Option 2: Prepaid Hourly

For businesses that would like service without any commitment. Hours are dispensed as you need them, and can be used any time.

2 Hours @ $150.00 / Hour (No Savings):

4 Hours @ $112.50 / Hour (Savings of 25%):

8 Hours @ $105.00 / Hour (Savings of 30%):

16 Hours @ $97.50 / Hour (Save 35%):

Option 3: Flate-Rate Quote

For businesses who are on tighter budgets, we can quote a flat-rate and draw up a scope for almost any project. Please use the contact us page by clicking here and feel free to either send us a written request or call us and we’ll discuss getting your project up and running.