Red Alert Links

A few of our most frequently visited web pages can be found at the following:

Filehippo Software: The best place to get software on the Internet.



Piriform Computer Utilities: One of the best software companies for computer utilities. Newegg is the best place to buy and review hardware.  Like, but specifically for geeks and computer enthusiasts.




CPU Benchmarks: PassMark Software’s big list of CPU benchmarks; look up and compare CPUs to know what’s worth buying.


LogMeIn Remote Access Software: Among the best performing remote services available on the Internet. We use this software extensively due to it’s reliability and performance.


CPU ID are the makers of software titles such as CPU Z and HWMonitor.  They have one of the best collections of free software to monitor and troubleshooting hardware.


HunterSoft are the makers of Unknown Device Identifier, which is a very useful utility if you’re unsure of what hardware you need drivers for.