Red Alert For Small Businesses

“Finally.. an IT Company That Works With Your Business To Not Only Respond Immediately… But Ensure Uninterrupted Operations By Preventing Problems – Before They Even Happen.”

We have four simple goals when it comes to building strong relationships with your business:

1. Rapidly helping with unexpected issues through immediate availability,

2. Strive to prevent problems through high-quality work,

3. Strengthen your knowledge of your computers by training you and your staff, and

4. Helping you achieve success by being your personal aid.

Let’s face it: computers are complex instruments, and they can either allow your business to succeed or cause you and your staff an endless amount of unnecessary frustration.

Connections are lost, printers stop printing, Internet’s down, your computer gets a virus, your employees are spending time doing things non-productive, the wireless network suddenly disappears and you can’t connect, your computers suddenly stop working…and it all seems to happen at the most inopportune time.

Just like that, what seemed like a normal work day has come to a screeching halt.

As the clock ticks, your frustration and anxiety builds. Before long, your clients are starting to feel this as well. You know that time lost is money lost in today’s business and economy, and you just can’t reach anyone for help. Or if you do, that person can’t make it for an X amount of time, which forces you to start speculating… “how much is this REALLY going to cost?”

But more importantly, and have you ever wondered, “How did they let this happen in the first place? Wasn’t this a foreseeable problem?”

But, worst of all, “Are they not providing me with the highest quality work?”

And it’s not just mental or emotional stress that’s caused by these kinds of problems.  Rather, poor IT workmanship can very realistically cost your business without you knowing it!

In fact, a recent study was performed that included 300 surveys of employees who use computers as part of their daily jobs, and the report came back saying that 11% of time wasted was due to computer glitches.

Think about how this may being affecting your business: calculate 11% of the revenue your business brings in, and this is an estimate of what you may NOT be additionally making either due to poor IT workmanship ….or not enough resources spent on properly maintaining your computer systems.

We’ve seen a countless number of examples where we go in to “clean up someone else’s mess.”  And while we’re doing this, we really wonder at how that person can honestly call themselves an “IT provider.” 

Another concern are businesses who are cautious to spend money on properly taking care of their computers.  Computers and IT are things that a lot of business owners don’t know a whole lot about, and are naturally apprehensive regarding this…and we completely understand where that’s coming from. 

Thankfully, though, we are NOT the company that does a poor job, ever.  With over 10 years experience in the small business IT world, and with several industry-recognized IT certifications, we’ve not only successfully dealt with a countless number of both general and specific, niche issues, but we’ve also cultivated a repertoire of service to largely avoid and otherwise plan for almost all them (with computers being so complex, you can’t really claim that you can plan for every contingency since it’s a constantly-changing field..but you can come very close). 

Second, we don’t just offer IT services when you need it.  Rather, and this is again talking from over 10 years experience in the field, and with industry-grade certifications… we instead focus on offering plans with unlimited service, available both on demand and as an ongoing commitment to your business success, in an effort to prevent problems before they happen and cost you unnecessary expenses.

And we do this through our unique, proprietary service.  Introducing:

The Red Alert Platinum Protection Package

A buffet-style, all-inclusive solution to protect your entire office for a flat-rate per machine…and all your monitors, printers, scanners, networking equipment, software, internal hardware, tablets and training is included.

That’s right.  Through consideration to both your short-term and long-term business goals, we:

  1. Produce 24/7 availability by designing, implementing and constantly planning and updating your information systems with this preventative goal in mind.
  2. Ensure that you’re fully aware of all the information technology decisions and considerations we make through real-world, down-to-earth training and Q&A sessions.
  3. Engage your staff with this same training to allow them to become fully productive and avoid the most common mistakes end-users make.
  4. Notify you of and manage all future upgrades and replacement strategies, and why they’re important.
  5. Base our decision making on attention to the long-term reliability, performance, scalability, the ROI of your information systems, and most importantly, the overall goals of your business.

Offering The Red Alert Platinum Protection Package is a much more organic way of approaching a long-term, reliable, and successful information technology business relationship with your company.

It takes the stress out of projects and service requests that go out-of-scope, and really allows us to give you our best quality work with your best cost-effective interest in mind: with a package like this, your best interest is our guaranteed best interest.

PLUS, what better way to maintain a healthy, long-term relationship than by the trust we establish by delivering nothing short of our best work?

But of course, our best work is only as good as the guarantee behind it.  So, for the sake of giving us all the incentive to ensure that we do it right, and that you’re nothing but completely satisfied, here’s the guarantee:

All Our Work Rendered Is Guaranteed For LIFE

We’re so sure of the quality of work we perform that as long as nothing outside affects the work we do, the benefits of our work are guaranteed today, tomorrow… and for life.

Now, let me take a step back, and be perfectly clear about something important: our services are not for everyone.  In fact, our services are geared and designed to work specifically with what we call our “ideal customers.”  These are people who all exhibit the following traits:

  1. Are serious about the role that computers play in their businesses and the business world.
  2. Appreciate that computers don’t last forever, so maintaining them and replacing them periodically is something that’s accepted.
  3. Are smart about the budgets they allocate to their IT and have realistic expectations.
  4. Listen to our professional, time-tested, and experienced advice, and if they want to double-check our opinions, do so mostly for their own edification or some other constructive reason.
  5. Aren’t looking for the “penny-saver computer person” but rather put an emphasis on quality work over saving a few dollars – they see the importance of long-term reliability and durability over the short-term “bargain.”
  6. Aren’t looking for someone who does a one-time job and never returns…our services are built around – and only around – strong customer relations.

And here’s who it is NOT for.  These are businesses that, in our expert opinions, put themselves through way too much stress when it comes to computers:

  1. Have an “If it’s not broken, then don’t fix it” attitude.  The reality is that computers are generally NOT things that break slowly.  Usually it’s abrupt, in-your-face, and happens at the worst possible inopportunity…not giving any thought to general maintenance always inevitably leads to more headache and expense down the line.
  2. Constantly second-guess our expert opinons for arbitrary reasons.  One of these reasons is cost.  And yes, cost is important – but what’s more important is spending wisely on things that matter and that give you a higher return on long-term investments.  And our experience knows what’s worthwhile is the only way to go.
  3. Think they’re helping their bottom line by going with the lowest possible bidder.  Knowing how to PROPERLY design, plan for, maintain, troubleshoot, diagnose, and correct a computer infrastructure is something that takes years of schooling, self-study, experimentation, and real-world experience.  Going with the lowest possible bidder will typically WORSEN your bottom line because you really do get what you pay for: when you factor in poor quality work, you’re not saving anything when you look at the long-run consequences: things like downtime, user frustration, additional repeat visits, etc.

So, if these items here apply to you and your business, then there’s a very good chance that we will do business very well.  But notice that I didn’t put that you have to commit to our Platinum Protection Package….we also have hourly rates that still come with our Lifetime Guarantee, and you can use these hours whenever you’d like. 

We accept Paypal for payment services since this also ensures your satisfaction: for one, Paypal almost always sides with the buyers.  In fact, their policies pretty much sides with the buyers in almost all disputes, so you really have nothing to lose with their services, and it gives us every reason to reach your utmost satisfaction….second, their services are very secure.

  • 2 Hours @ $150.00 / Hour (No Discount):

  • 4 Hours @ $112.50 / Hour (Savings of 25%):

  • 8 Hours @ $105.00 / Hour (Savings of 30%):

  • 16 Hours @ $97.50 / Hour (Save 35%):